prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I can't help but be very amused by the fact that Marmite, or the company that makes it, are suing the BNP for randomly sticking the picture of a jar of Marmite in the corner of one of their political broadcasts. BBC News - BNP facing Marmite legal action. I am further amused by one of their increasingly numerous reasons for it, which is that the Hate Party in Marmite's advert featuring the Marmite Love and Marmite Hate parties is "Clearly based" on itself. Um...okay.

So that means the BNP accept that they are a hate party? Well, they are, but I thought their campaign was all about trying to convince people that that wasn't true. What with the finally allowing non-whites to join, not that many would, accept for that one weirdo who was on the news. But now Nick Griffin admits that they are a hate party, and one stupid enough to think it's funny to randomly stick a jar of Marmite in the corner of their broadcast?

To me, this whole thing just goes to prove how stupid the BNP is. Hopefully some of the idiots who vote for them will realise it now too.

Still, as much as I kind of love Marmite for this, I'm voting hate on the website, and I encourage everyone else who gags at the thought of putting that revolting stuff in your mouth to do the same. Vote for Marmite hate here

And in the real election, for all Brits of voting age, please vote. Even if you don't give a damn who wins. A vote for anyone else is a vote against the BNP.
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