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I am so tired today!  Okay, its probably my fault for staying up untill almost 4 last night, but I had to chat!  It seems every time I update on here its to say I'm tired, yeah, I say other things too, but it's mostly "I'm tired, plus..." I should maybe start going to bed at a reasonable hour.  Tonight I have to though, I've got to get up at 8.  Maybe if i stay tired till tonight, I'll be able to fall asleep with no problem.
I joined a real good online game the other day, Darkthrone.  You should go and check it out, it's at I think I'm becoming adicted a bit.  It reminds me of games I used to play on the BBS boards years ago.  I kinda miss those boards, they were fun.  I wonder if they still exist? Probably not, I can't see anyone going on them when they can go on the internet instead.  Did anyone else used to go on them?  Cus I mentioned them to my sister the other day and she didn't know what I was talking about.  If I could remember the numbers I'd go back on and see if they still existed, that'd be a major nostalgia trip.  almost as much as my favourite message board, the 80s cartoon forum, I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but anyone who likes 80s cartoons should go there, its a really cool place.
Anyway, I'm off now.  I want to have a think about another tmnt story I'm writing, before I have to make the tea.

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