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As I was driving back into Hull this evening after work, the road going from Hedon to Hull was littered with clothes. No word of a lie. There were shirts, t-shirts, underpants, you name it, all just strewn about the road. Looked like a suitcase had fallen out of a topbox and come open. Or, my preferred theory, crazy argument on way back from holiday (or too) led to one party throwing the others' clothes out the window. Whatever it as, it made me laugh out loud while driving.

Anyway, the internet had gone into meltdown (slight exaggeration) over the news that The Legend of Korra has the go-ahead for a 2011 release. It's been buzzing around for a while now, but apparently it's now official. It will be a spinoff of Avatar about the next Avatar after Aang. It's set 70 years after the end of the series, and Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe. Very little info yet, Apparently Korra will already have mastered Water, Earth and Fire, and she's going to learn Air from Aang's son. No mention of whether Aang's son is also Katara's son. I'm hoping no, becuase I really don't get Kataang, but the people who made the show apparently love it, so meh.

I'm wondering. I know with the Avatar being gone for 100 years, things got all messed up, but until Aang the Avatar didn't know they were the Avater until they turned 16 (or was it 18?) and then they went off to master the other elements. If they've gone back to that tradition, does that mean Korra's going to be much older then the characters in the original series? Or will it have changed so the Avatar is told younger, which would be a lot of responsibility to land on a kid's shoulders.

Aang's son is definately going to be an adult by 70 years in the future. Or he became a father really late.

I'm excited, really I am, I'm just very apprehensive. I'm also going to miss all the original characters. Especially Zuko. But it'll be good to find out what;s supposed to have happened after the end of the series, even if it will only be as backstory.

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