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There is an interview with Dev Patel in one of the magazines that come with the Times on a Saturday.

"You know, you can't lie and say that every single review written about the film is wrong,"

"Yes, there are parts in it that truly amaze me. But there are others, you know..." he trails off, smirking.

The movie features heroic character who describe themselves, un-ironically and without reference to playground taunts, as "benders"

"I know! says Patel, still chuckling today. "When I first came onto the movie, I was like 'Really? Benders?'"

Um. Yeah, I know it's not going to be good, but he's not doing it a lot of favours here, is he?! Don't get me wrong, Dev Patel is awesome, and I know the interviewer controls the interview, but really? When the cast are saying a film isn't good, it's not a good sign. When they are giggling childishly over the word bender, well that makes me think Shayamalan's quest to surgically remove the humour backfired. Ha!

The 'benders' thing, I never actually thought of that until I watched the show with my sister, who had a bit of a giggle, and then freaky_science did the same. Damn them both!
Tags: avatar the last airbender
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