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They arrived!

The DVDs got here! This is soooo cool. They were sent (here time) Monday evening and arrived Wednesday morning. Less than 48 hours to get here. True, more than 48 hours before they were dispatched, but I can hardly complain. Well, I guess I know what I'm going to be watching tonight. A Due South fest!!

Job centre people say someone from that women’s centre thing will ring me. So that should be interesting. Maybe.

So, Meobius was on last night. A cool ep. Made so much better by the fact that McKay was in it. In another fantastic T-shirt. I don't generally dl SG1, but I might have to get that one. He's only in it for a few minutes though, but he was (of course) great. I liked the lack of Jack/Sam shippyness in the ep too. It was sooo boring last week. This week it was completely gone. Mostly because the real Jack and Sam were only in it for a few minutes. I wouldn’t' be surprised if they brought it back majorly next week, since it looks like SG1 ended up living out their lives in 3000BC, and bodging the future up in the process. So they'll probably have them get married or something equally revolting. But then none of it will have happened in the end, but that won't mean we won't have to watch it. Of course, this is all a total guess.
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