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With Ichigo (temporarily, I assume) powerless, I'm really hoping for a bit of back story on his dad. In my head I see Ichigo moping around, and his dad trying to cheer him up. And totally failing at it, of course, becuase dads never know the right thing to say. Even when they are Shinigami who once lost their powers too. I hope for good scenes with Ishida too, and a bit or explanation about what exactly the Espada did to Orihime back in Las Noches. And how come Chad's power is hollow-ish? But mostly I want back story on Daddy Kurosaki. And his relationship with Uryuu's dad. There are already major parallels between the two generations, but if I don't get more I'm going to have to write it myself.

I imagine they used to be friends, just like their sons, and I wonder whether Soken's death was something that made them part ways. I mean, they seemed to know a little about one another when they were speaking, and it would be just too perfect if the parallels continued to grow with the loss of Ichigo's powers.

Of course, I'm still missing a lot of the story, so it's entirely possible some of this already happened and I just haven't got to it yet, but if not, my fingers are crossed.

Oh, and also I'd love to see more of Ishida and Kurotsuchi. He was such a great bad guy back in the Soul Society, and he still managed to be creepy as in Las Noches, but I'd love to see Uryuu kick his ass again,he totally deserves it for his grandfather, for the huge violation that was the weird spy bacteria and for whatever else he may have done that we don't yet know about when he healed Uryuu and Renji. In fact, I could write fic on that, but it'd end up being seriously creepy and weird. My mind can come up with some pretty twisted stuff when it tries.

Anyway, again, I still don't know the whole story. Maybe some of his had happened already.
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