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Bleach 424

Woah, 17 months later? Interesting. It's just long enough for Ichigo to have been living without his powers for a while, so when he gets them back (Which he will, of course. Sooner or later.) it's not really quickly, but it's short enough for not too much to have changed in everyone's lives. They're all still at the school, along with Karin and Yuzu now, the only real difference is people's hair!

I notice Ichigo is back to hanging out with Keigo and Mizuiro. Not that he ever abandoned them, but Chad and Orihime weren't even in this one, and you get the briefest glimpse of Uryuu as he rushes out of class to fight hollows while Ichigo kind of watches out of the corner of his eye, like he's pretending not to notice. It's kind of like things have gone back to how they were at the start, before he met Rukia. And of course this one parallels the first one in a few ways anyway. I'm sure he still hangs out with the others, but maybe it's a b it painful for him since they've all still got their powers...

Oh, that scene where he's talking to Keigo, he's lying through his teeth, isn't he? Just like when he was brave-facing it at the end of the last one. Has he been lying to himself for 17 months?

Anyway, looks like it's going to be an interesting story, even though this was all scene setting. Is that other guy another substitute shinigami? I can't wait to fing out what's going on. But I'm still really hoping to see an explanation of Ichigo's dad. I hope they haven't had that talk in the 17 months we've missed.
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