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Sanctuary returns!

Sanctuary's back!

I noticed the first episode on Anytime, luckily, because otherwise I'd have missed it. Then yesterday I watched the first two together.

Recently I'm not getting as excited about my shows. Most of them just aren't as obsess-worthy as they used to be, I mean, the Stargate franchise had become Stargate Universe, which is frankly as meh as a series can be while still being sci-fi. Smallville is really starting to wind down despite the fact that they continue to churn out season after season. Chuck is okay, as ever, but the current season of that seems to be lacking something too. Or possible it's gained something, in the form of the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, that makes it less enjoyable. The same goes for House, though to a lesser extent. I've never been a 'Huddy' fan, and I'm just watching each episode thinking "break up, break up, break up!" I mean, you know they're going to, right. Right?!

But Sanctuary never fails to deliver. It's good to know that I can still rely on it to be exactly what it has always been. I just wish Tesla had been in it, that would've made it perfect. I assume (hope) he'll show up sometime during this season. Until then, I'll just enjoy.

And eventually I'm hoping the next season of Caprica will turn up over here. That's the other one that I'm really looking forward to. And Supernatural, though I honestly can't think what they're going to do this season (see how I'm being good and not reading spoilers or heading to projectfreetv to watch?) But really, I need to get into some new shows, or else I'm going to start watching Masterchef or something equally horrific. Are there any good ones out there that I've been missing? Any suggestions? I can watch stuff online if it doesn't show in the UK. I mean, I've watched the entire series of Bleach that way.
Tags: caprica, chuck, house, random tv, sanctuary, smallville, supernatural
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