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Lost Boys The Thirst

I saw the new Lost boys movie today. The Thirst. It was pretty good. I mean, nowhere near as good as the original or course, but so much better than the first sequel. It's like they actually thought about what a Lost Boys fan might want from a sequel. Consequently it's all about Edgar and Alan as opposed to two random teenagers who are related in some undisclosed way to Sam and Michael.

Unlike the first sequel, it's not full of random lines lifter directly from the original, there are a few, but they work much better here. Alan is still a vampire, they didn't disregard the first sequel, which is good becuase that's something that I really liked. I've got a thing about turning vampire hunters into vampires, I think. But he's actually a half vampire, so for five years (I had the impression before now that it was longer ago that he was turned) he had been resisting making his first kill. Impressive, he managed much better than Michael.

They did change the way he was turned though, which I didn't like. In Reign of Frogs the the whole vampires in Washington thing was made up by Edgar, here it's real and that's when Alan was turned. But that's okay, even thought first scene was kind of lame becuase of it. Then Alan runs off once he's forced to drink the blood, came as in the comic series. Apparently though, he comes back and Edgar of course couldn't do what he advised Sam to do, kill his brother. Instead Alan lives in a creepy blood smeared basement somewhere dissecting animals. Presumably to drink their blood in order to survive without turning, al la Grandpa Emerson. Edgar visits him occasionally, apparently without fear of being eaten. (I'd love to see some back story there.) And Alan adds a p.s. in his note to remind him it's their mom's birthday. It's a far cry from the angsty Edgar of The Tribe "I know what it's like to lose a sibling to the other side,". I think I'm going to assume Alan came back at some point after the first sequel and then somehow proved himself relatively trustworthy.

Anyway, the film as a whole is not that bad, though anything would be better than the Tribe. It had its seriously awesome moments, its sad moments, the flashbacks to the original movie, Edgar's refusal to sell Batman #14, and plenty of comedy. It was much more in keeping with the spirit of the original. It had a few parts that were kinda lame though. The final scene springs to mind. I guess it was to set up a 4th movie, but it just introduced something totally randomly which was nothing to do with anything that had happened in this movie. Also pointless was the flashback to the head vampire's past.

If they killed the head vampire though, that doesn't mean it's over, does it? There was an implication that maybe it did, but there have to be lots of full vampires out there, and someone else will become the head one. I'm glad killing that guy saved Alan though. That was a total copy of the first movie though, they kill the guy they think is the head and Alan says "I don't feel any different" then they learn it s someone totally unexpected. And they got in the "Kill your brother, you'll feel better" line, though said to the vamp rather than the human brother.

Anyway, I could continue rambling on all night, and yet I still don't think it was awesome. But it is very much worth watching a couple of times, and maybe it will grow on me. One thing I'd have liked though is more angst. I'd have liked more on what happened to Alan after he fled after drinking the blood. The ideas in my fanfic have mow been proven wrong. Maybe I need to write something new...

The dedication to Corey Haim at the end was nice. Expected, of course, but nice. I wonder whether the flashbacks and the grave scene etc were in there before he died or added afterwards. Nicely done either way, would have been more poignant if I hadn't been watching with my mum, who talked over every flashback asking who was who.
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