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Random Frog Brothers observations aftar watching The Thirst

On second viewing, the Thirst actually manges to improve. I think it's because you can concentrate on the little things more the second time around.

My favourite scene of the movie has to be the one where Edgar goes to visit Alan in his creepy half vampire lair. I honestly can't think of a single thing to fault that scene on.

I'm trying here to pick out bits and pieces that might be useful for future fanfics. Ones I might write after my current one, and after the sequel to Aftertaste, which had been made AU by the current film. So, as a Frog fan, I'm looking for info about the relationship between the brothers.

I don't like the way Alan was turned in the film, I prefer the Reign of Frogs version. I know that what happened to him (Fighting vamps, one of them forces him to drink, his eyes glow and he runs away) is the same, but th context in the comics is better. The whole vampires in Washington thing is a bit too silly even for me.

But however it happened, Alan is now a half vampire, and that kind of thing is bound to drive a stake wedge between the two vampire hating brothers. But yet they're still in touch. I love that. They are so close than not even something like this could completely separate them. Not only that, but they seem to have reached the point where they can make jokes about what happened.

"Hello, Edgar. What brings you all the way down here?"
"Now I have to have an excuse to visit my own brother?"
"At one in the morning, yeah."
"I figured you'd be up."

And then Alan laughs. Well, kind of smiles and exhales through his nose, but still. He doesn't want to be in the situation that he is, we know that much from the sunbathing at the end(!) but he appears to have accepted the situation, learned how to deal with it (five years is a lot of bloodlust, he's taken some advice from Grandpa Emerson) and now he can even almost laugh about it.

Edgar, however, even though he's the one making the joke, is different. Because it's not really a joke, is is, it's a statement of fact. Vampirism has cost him his brother. The guy he visits in this room is not the same one that he grew up with, and that loss is killing him in all kinds of not so subtle ways.

But despite everything, they are still in touch. Edgar knows exactly where to go to find his brother, and walks in without weapons, implying that he knows he is safe there. I'm guessing that he doesn't visit too often though, or if he does, he doesn't talk to Alan about the important things, or maybe just not about the things involving vampires, because Alan suggests that Sam could help him. Edgar then has to tell Alan that Sam is dead. That he turned and Edgar had to kill him. Alan doesn't appear too bothered. I'm going to assume he just doesn't show it, because that should be upsetting news. Maybe he knew and he was just waiting for Edgar to tell him.

Anyway, staking Sam has alienated him from all the Emersons, leaving him totally alone with no one to turn to but Alan.

The last part of the scene is excellent. Edgar says that Laddie las a real life now, the implication being that he knows he doesn't. Then a whole bunch of stuff comes out. Alan thinks he has a real life too.

"You call this a life?"
"This coming from a guy who lives in a trailer!"
"Okay, so I've got nothing, but at least I know what side I'm on!"

So, wait. The implication here is that maybe Alan hasn't chosen a side? To me, five years as a half vampire, five years struggling against the bloodlust and managing not to make that first kill, that sends a very strong message that he is not on the side of the vampires. Therefore Edgar is either referring to his refusal to help kill the haad vamp - something he doesn't believe will make any difference to anything, because "It's a pyramid scheme, Edgar. Always has been," (the resignation in his voice is painful to hear) or he's talking about something that has happened in the years between him drinking the blood and now. Yeah, it's probably the former, but the other is much more intriguing.

So, long gaps between visits, but they keep in touch, to the point where Alan can find Edgar and sneak a massive book into the passenger seat of his car. A lot of tension between them, not surprisingly. I wonder why Alan ran after he drank the blood? Did he think Edgar would stake him? Probably, given both their attitudes to Michael... Or he was chasing the vamp that got him hoping that killing him would reverse the change.

Now, Alan had accepted his lot and tried to build some kind of a life, which he is reasonable happy with. (I assume he does more with his time than cut up animals and drain their blood) but Edgar hasn't, and he knows it. Alan had turned his back on vampire hunting, but from his comments, maybe a not straight away. I like to think he spent a while killing vamps, got the one whose blood he rank, and then the one that created him, and the one that created him, and so on, until he realized that he was wasting his time. So when Edgar tried to dangle a new headvamp in front of his face, he's not interested.

At some point in the future, I need to think seriously about what exactly constitutes a head vampire in the Lost Boys. It's not the one that made you, but there clearly isn't just one guy whose death will cure all half vamps, r surely it wouldn't have been Max's death that cures Michael. So yeah, I'll have to have a think about tht, dcide on an answer and stich to it in my fics.
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