prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I've had a very successful baking day so far. My work is trying to raise money for a children's hospice in the city centre, so as part of that we're doing various activities. Sponsored walks, raffles, and next week a bake sale. We're all bringing in something and selling it in the banking hall. I've made my favourite oatmeal cookies and a carrot cake. I doubles the batch of cookies, but it somehow seems to have made three times as many as normal, and the carrot cake looks good, though I haven't cut it open yet. With cakes, especially ones that are a bit tricky to make, I always have this paranoia they they won't be cooked in the middle when you cut it. I gave it a few stabs with a knife though and it seems okay. My task for tomorrow will be to put the frosting on.

Now, I'm going to write some fanfic. If I can get my computer to start behaving itself, that is. It keeps doing this thing where it insists it's got no memory left and starts closing down programs at random. It has plenty of memory, but just to be safe, I'm writing all my files to disk and deleting the things I don't use much. I really need an external hard drive. Or a new computer. When I put it on and it started playing up again, I was half tempted to just get in the car and go to PC world this afternoon for one. But I'll give it a brief reprieve and see how it behaves.
Tags: baking, computer
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