prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Sanctuary 3x04


Just a few random observations, nothing in depth.

Firstly, I'm in awe of how quickly Tesla seems to have gotten a handle on his new abilities. Yeah, they're not as cool as his old ones, but if he can use the power of magnetism to sent a message thousands of miles, yeah, with some technological help but still, he seems to be doing pretty okay.

He's not happy though, is he? So he makes jokes about it, like the razor getting stuck to his face while shaving, to cover up how much he misses his old self, until he finally snaps and tells Helen "I want my life back."

Source blood infected millipedes are creepy as, by the way. But I still don't get why they wanted to string Nikola up and leave him to starve to death, but were happy to kill Helen, they both have the source blood.

At the end there, for a second I thought they really were going to... Well, not kill Nikola, I knew they wouldn't do that, but I thought they were going to imply that they had, and then let him make a 'surprise' entrance some time later. That would probably mean him being away for a while so we start to believe he's gone, which would be annoying, knowing that he didn't. But yay, they had Magnus and the others go back for him. And need I point out that although Helen said she was going to take the source blood infected larvae away from him, we never actually saw her do it, and even if she did, he's have had a backup somewhere.

Also, it was very nice to hear a reference to Ashley again. Two, in fact. And Helen getting quite upset. Very nice. I still wonder if she's not entirely dead. Especially after that.
Tags: sanctuary
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