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I finally updated WeLoveTeachers. I can't believe it's been almost two months. I'm so lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff. And it went so well for the first year. Well, I suppose I sort of lost interest during the 4th series. I mean, no Navin Chowdhry! What other reason was there to watch it? For me, anyway. I'm going to overhaul the site though. Now there are no new eps, no new news etc I won't have to bother about new things and can concentrate on making screencaps and transcribing and stuff. And I've been meaning to give the site a new look for months now. But, like so much else, I didn't get around to it. I will now though. Even though I lost interest, everyone else didn't, and I feel I have a responsibility to the fans. People are still visiting the site. I get an average of 10 hits a day. Nothing compared to before, but maybe they'll come back if I update. I hate it when people abandon sites...

I didn't get around to rewatching Traders today. I didn't get around to doing anything, to be honest (except the site update just now) it's been one of those days. Tomorrow though. Tomorrow I'll update the site some more, watch (probably the last three) eps of Traders, do another of the French CDs, post the letter I keep forgetting...Yeah, you know what? I'm probably not going to do most of that!

I'm so lazy recently...
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