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Sanctuary 3x06

How good was the last episode of Sanctuary?

I've been itching for a Henry ep for a while, and when I read te synopsis to this on Sky I was very excited. The synopsis said nothing about the fact that Tesla was in it, or that he had presumably been hanging around the Sanctuary playing with the massive hologram and flirting with Magnus since his last appearance. When I saw Jonathan Young's name on the credits, I... well, I didn't do a happy dance, but I did in my head.

So we get a whole bunch of Tesla being awesome, mouthing off about how awesome he is, and then backing his claims up with documentary evidence in the one story, while in he other Henry and Will go to England, find a lot of werewolves, go on a pub crawl and make jokes about spotted dick! I'm in TV heaven.

Also, I love how Tesla still thinks of himself as a vampire. The way he talks about his vampire race, about his people. I guess he still hasn't accepted his mortality yet, but becuase the closest he gets to angst is the ep where he actually lost his powers, he's not going to cry about it. I'm still sure he's going to get it back again one day. I hope. I mean, can you imagine him dying of old age? The indignity of it, he wouldn't stand for it! He is having a lot of fun with his consolation prize powers though.
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