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Wow it's cold out. Well, it's not exactly two feet of snow, icicles forming on the end of your nose, water freezing in the pipes cold, but for England, in November? Yeah, chilly.

We had the first snow last night, it stopped fairly quickly but started again in the morning, so when I got up the whole world was dusted in a liberal coating of icing sugar snow, which grew gradually thicker throughout the morning. By 8, when I left, it was pretty thick, but the roads were clear.

Unfortunately, this was not the case on the smaller roads that lead out the the coastal town where I work, and the water turned to sludge which then turned to compacted snow and ice. About half way there I hit a bad patch and skidded. I couldn't get the car right, and it spun out of control from left to right for a while. I know you're supposed to turn the wheel in the direction you're skidding, but it seemed that in the time it took for my brain to work out which way too turn it, the car had already changed direction.

I eventually came to a halt at a ninety degree angle, right across the road. I stopped sliding backwards before I went off the road and landed on the golf course I was passing at the time. Luckily, there were no other cars on that particular piece of road a the time, or I would have hit them, causing all kinds of stress for myself and the other drivers.

I decided that that road was probably not the best one to use, however being half way there I decided to find a way onto the main road without doubling back on myself. And then I got lost. The roads gradually became narrower and narrower, snowier and snowier. The sat nav was unhelpful. So ten minutes later, I doubled back anyway.

I arrived at work 40 minutes late, after having to crawl along the main road, which was also covered in snow. And then on the way back the main road was covered in a sheet of ice. I passed two accidents where the drivers hadn't been as lucky as I had been, and spent almost an hour in a queue of traffic all trying not to slip on the ice rink that the road had become. It was like the night Hull froze over and the traffic was gridlocked, but out in the middle of nowhere so that I didn't have the last resort option of walking home.

Unfun. And scary.
Tags: aaagh!
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