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I'm right, right?

So, I walk into the room last night where my mum is on the computer, and I say "My knee's swollen up," which it had, not much, but enough to be painful.
She doesn't turn around, she doesn't even stop typing and goes, "You're not getting out of that job," as if she thinks I'm lying or something. Am I being over sensitive, or was she being a complete git? Anyway, if I wanted to get out of the job, I'd just say I'm not doing it, and if I mad excuses to anyone, it wouldn't be her.

On a less angry note, I got a program to make animations, so now I can make moving avatars. I'm probably going to be playing with it for weeks now! Only made two so far though, both from Traders.

Fun! Unfortunately, they're too big to use on Livejournal, and when I make them smaller by using fewer frames, the affect is really crappy. Like this

Which I might end up using anyway, but I'm glad I can use the better ones on other sites.
Tags: real life, traders, work
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