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2011, What To Watch...

How come I appear to be the last person in the universe to know that a third season of Being Human is starting soon? That's two people today who have mentioned it to me. Where do they get their information from? And more importantly, WHEN is it starting? The BBC's official site is being secretive about it. Soon, apparently. But when? Soon like tomorrow? Or in two months?

What else is starting soon? Glee, on the 10th apparently. And a while ago I was irritated to learn that season 2 of Caprica wouldn't be making an appearance in the UK until early 2011, which is now.

We should get the second half of the current season of Stargate Universe soon-ish, but that actually hasn't started in the US yet. That's a series that has improved drastically this season, but it still doesn't convince me that it's a worthy successor to the other series. It has absolutely no humour in it, and a Stargate series should have humour. Every time things seem to be going well, they kill someone off and make everyone depressed again. But it's infinitely better than it was and I no longer resent the 42 minutes a week I spend watching it. Which is why it's totally typical that they've now decided to cancel it. I do miss Atlantis though still. I miss Rodney McKay. I heard a rumour he's going to be in one of the new episodes.

Talking of, I recently googled David Hewlett, just because I was bored, and I found out that he was in Splice. That's a film I kind of wanted to see. That is, it looks awful, but I knew it was directed by Vincenzo Natali, so I thought it was worth a look. Knowing that, I should have known David Hewlett would be in it really, since he's in pretty much everything Vincenzo Natali has ever done. I doubt it's a large part though. Maybe I'll LoveFilm it rather than just buying the DVD without knowing what to expect. Unless it's like really cheap or something.

So, what other new series do I have to look forward to in 2011? I really need to get into some new shows, mine all seem to by dying out...

I suppose the new series of Dan For Mayor and Hiccups will be along shortly. Season 1 of DfM comes out on DVD on the 18th. I'm SO getting that. And Hiccups too, on the 11th.
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