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Old files

I have seven computers in my room. Four desktops, three laptops. I only use one of them, the laptop I'm using right now, that I got for my birthday. What I tend to do, is use a computer for three or four years until it gets so slow I cant stand in anymore, and then get a new one. Until recently, I used to use a desktop and a laptop at the same time, which is why so many. And why do I still have them all? Well, I don't know how you get rid of that kind of thing. You can't just throw them in the bin, can you? I guess I could take them to the dump, but I'm not even sure where the dump is.

In addition to the seven computers, I also have two monitors, four keyboards, several mouses, and in indeterminate number of power cables etc. If I did get rid of it, I'd have a hell of a lot more room in my room. I should get rid of it. But then there's the problem of the hard drives. It's not like I have anything incriminating on there or anything, but I have at various times saves things like passwords, pin numbers, and embarrassing fanfics to the hard drives, and I know that a determined person could retrieve these. They probably wouldn't, and I could always just change my passwords etc, but I guess I'm paranoid or something.

Anyway, keeping them can be a good thing. Today, just out of interest, I decided to fire them up and take a look at the stuff I've got on there. I was actually looking for some old City Drive tracks I know I used to have, not the demo tracks from the album, whole other songs. I couldn't find them, which was a little disappointing. But I did find Elevated, that short movie with David Hewlett that I thought I'd lost. And, and I found the Frog Chronicles.

These were a series of fanfics that used to be hosted on the Lost Cave back in I don't even know when. They were what made me love the Frog Brothers. And they were the first place I saw anything about the idea of Alan becoming a half vampire. This was way before Reign of Frogs or either of the sequels, and it was a concept I fell instantly in love with. Because after all, what would be the absolute worst thing that you could do to a vampire hunter?

The series has been long since taken down, I don't know why, and I thought I'd never be able to read it again, but there it is on the hard drive of my first ever computer. I'm missing a few stories, but it'll do.

I also found a few of my old Lost Boys fics. I don't actually remember writing them, and the folder was last modified back on May 2001, so I'm betting they're pretty awful. I'm almost scared to take a look.
Tags: city drive, computer, david hewlett, fanfic, lost boys
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