prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

The King's Speech

I've just got back from the cinema. I went to see the King's Speech. It's not the kind of film that I'd normally go to watch, it seemed like more of a wait til it's on TV type thing, but in fact it's really good. I was impressed.

It is the story of King George the 6th, who had a bad stammer, and his struggle to overcome it with the help of a totally unqualified speech therapist. This is all amid a backdrop of his father's death, his brother's ascension to the throne, and subsequent abdication in order to marry a divorcée. Which apparently the king can't do because he's head of the church, or something like that.

I'm not making it sound very good, am I? But it is. It has moments that are incredibly funny, and others that are very moving. It's a real feel good film, actually, and I would definitely recommend it. Even if you have no interest at all in the British royal family, because I definitely don't. Though they look like they might have been a bit more interesting back then.
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