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I've come up with an idea for a new oneshot that I really want to write, but I also want to work on the Enemy, and I should work on Talented, which is getting closer and closer to the end now, and getting more difficult because I don't like ending stories I've got use to writing.</p>

I think I'm going to deviate slightly from canon for the Enemy. I have an idea for an OC. A half vampire, but one that's been a half vampire for a long time and likes it. But if the death of the head vampire in the Thirst meant all half vampires became human again, that's not possible. So I'm thinking of making it that the ead vamp Edgar killed was *a* head vamp, and the same bloodline as Alan which is why his death freed him, but other half camps from other bloodlines could still exist.

I don't know if it actually makes sense at this point, obviously I'm going to try to explain it better in the story. I likethe idea of the character, anyway, so it needs to be done so he can exist.

But no more fic for tonight anyway, I'm on my way to the cinema to see the Green Hornet. I've ears good and bad things, so I guess I'll see what I thi k and form my own opinion.

I'm still in a really weird mood.

IPhone post, btw. Sorry or any typos!

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