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Prezzies sorted. Got my mum a CD of power ballads, she seems to like the other one she's got, and got my dad a stovetop espresso maker, because he asked for one. I also got a load of blank CDs to replace all the ones I've used recently, and a case to store all the ones I've used recently too. Though that's really a present for myself!

I'm so excited. I was in Virgin getting the CD for my mum, and I walked through the sci-fi section, as always, and they had one of those cardboard display things, the things they put DVDs and stuff in, with pictures of whatever they're selling in it (there must be a name for those things!) for the Stargate DVDs. The latest SG1 one is out already, so that was in it, and they'll be putting the Atlantis ones there too, because half of it was Atlantis pictures! I should really order the DVD, thinking about it. I keep forgetting, and I don't want to have to go all the way in town to get it.

Went to the employment agency yesterday. The woman is putting my name forward for a telesales job. I think I'd be ringing people up and pestering them until they bought something. I would become one of the most hated people in the known universe! Fun! Thing is though, it's a part time job. It's 30 hours a week though, so it's not that bad, and a decent wage, £5.50 plus commission. And it's in town, so it's just one bus away. Also though, it's an evening thing. It's 4-9 Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm on Saturdays. That actually suits me pretty well. I could lie in till whenever, get up, slob about, go to work, get home, watch TV (which someone would have to tape for me) go on the computer all night and lie in again the next morning. That would actually fit into my lifestyle perfectly. And I could so do it as well! I really hope I get it. As long as the job doesn't suck too badly, that is!
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