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The Enemy is so much kicking my ass.

I have pretty much finished the new chapter, I'm hoping to have it up today, after I've checked it through for massive hilarious typos, but for now I'm taking a step back from that and trying to work on the next chapter, and once again it's just not happening. Honestly, it feels like I'm fighting a battle against this story, and I think I'm losing ground at the moment. I know where I want to be in the chapter after next, but I'm trying to get there in this one, and it's not happening. I'm just having the characters meander around in circles not doing much right now. so pretty much all of that needs deleting.

I know I'll get there in the end though, I did with the last one, and the current one, so eventually something decent will begin to take shape.

The sequel to Aftertaste is calling me. It really wants to be worked on...

It occurred to me last night that I'm going away in a week's time. Ten days in Portugal, hopefully getting a bit of sun. I'm taking my iPhone with me, of course, and I will pop online every now and then to keep up to date (roaming internet fees be damned!), and I'm going to find me an internet cafe too, because I need to be connected to the internet in order to breathe, but I'm going to get all behind on everyone's wonderful stories, which is annoying.

I'll be working on mine while I'm away though, so hopefully I'll come back with something to post.
Tags: aaagh!, fanfic, holiday, lost boys
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