prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Stupid agency! :-(

The woman at the agency said she would ring today if I got that telesales job. She didn't ring. So I guess I didn't get it. Damn damn damn! I could have so do it as well. Okay, it wouldn't have been my dream job, but I could have done it! Oh well.

It said on the news that the first episode of the new Dr Who series has been leaked onto the internet. I am very tempted to get it. You know, I wouldn't have thought the BBC would want to advertise that. But it was on their news. Hehehe. Well, I found it. Now, should I get it or should I wait a few weeks..?

Watched the Traders ep again. And I knew there would be something that I forgot to mention last night. What the smeg was that TV program they were watching?! It was like financial news or something, but the presenter, (who had glasses exactly like the guy off the Halifax adverts) was talking like it was some kind of gossip program or something, with the main people at Gardner Ross as celebrities. It was pretty funny. Do programs like that actually exist? Because I want to watch one if they do!

Went rollerblading today! A Traders-influenced decision. Well, that woman was blading in the park, and then Grant was on his rollerskates, and it made me jealous. So I mentioned it to my sister, and she was all enthusiastic, so we went and skated around for a bit. Not done it in years, it was fun!
Tags: doctor who, job hunt, traders
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