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Careers program

I had my first appointment with the people that the job centre referred me to today. It was to do a computer program called Adult Directions, which asks you questions about what you can/would like to do and then tells you what jobs you are suited to. I was a little dubious, to be honest. I did a similar program at school and it provided me with a list of possible jobs about three feet long, with jobs ranging from engineer to hairdresser.

So, expecting something similar but still looking forward to seeing what it suggested, I went along and answered 112 questions about my likes and dislikes. The answers come up graded green (very well suited to me), grey (middle) and red (not suited at all). I didn't get any greens. Not a single one! Then I got two greys and a load of reds, which I was told to ignore.

The two greys were translator and web designer. Translator I don't think I could do. I get by in German, Spanish too, just about. Well, no. Not well enough. My Dutch is pretty awful and I have only just started French.

So, web design. Well, I've been saying how much I would love to do that for a while now, so... cool! Maybe I should look into it. The bloke asked me if I'd done it, I told him I didn't have any qualifications or anything, but I did it as a hobby. He asked about my site and I told him about WeLoveTeachers. He turned out to be a fan too, and he was impressed with the site. Which pleased me immensely, because I like impressing people :-) He said he's going to look into courses I could do, because he says if that's what I want to do, qualifications could help a lot.
Thing is, I'm not sure I'm good enough to do it properly. Well, I'm sure I'm not, I'll obviously need to improve immensely, thing is, is it worth it?

Seriously. I'm asking. Should I go for it?
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