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Supernatural ramble

I've finally gotten myself all caught up on Supernatural.

What the hell is Castiel up to? Working with Crowley? We knew from the fact that one of his team tried to kill him that he was up to something that Heaven didn't exactly approve of, but seriously, what?

In a side note though, I'm incredibly glad that Crowley isn't dead. Mark Sheppard is awesome, and a two episode stint on Dr Who didn't make up for killing him off in Supernatural.

I love Castiel. I don't say that nearly enough. When they first started this whole angels and Heaven stuff I was really doubtful about it all. I mean, back in the early seasons, they said there were no such things as angels, if they existed, someone would have known about it. Then suddenly there are hundreds of them, God going missing, civil war in Heaven. It's very a different show now to the one I started watching back in season one, but it's just as good. Better even, in some ways. And there is a slash pairing I can love without feeling so wrong about it. I mean, Wincest is great, but I's so much rather have Dean with Cas.

They've even started adding little nods to the paring in the show, like they did with Wincest back in the first few seasons. Back when they'd check into a motel room and the person behind the desk would assume they wanted a double bed. Now, we get Balthazar asking Dean if he's mistaken him for "The other angel. The one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you." And then Dean asking why it's always him that has to call Castiel, "It's not like he lives in my ass," Castiel appears behind him and Dean yells "Cas, get out of my ass!" to which a slightly confused Castiel tells him he's never been in there.

Oh, and the way they talk to each other, especially in this last episode. Dean calling a powerless Cas a whiny baby, twice. Castiel snarking about Dean's insistence on helping the kid, and then his little gloat when it all goes wrong. Castiel gets grouchy when he doesn't have his powers. I guess that's why he turned to drugs and orgies in the alternative future where Lucifer possessed Sam.

Wow, this has turned into a random, pointless ramble about Castiel. That wasn't my intention, but never mind. Seriously though, what they hell is he up to? Because when Dean finds out, and there's no way that he won't find out, he's not going to be happy. Dean doesn't like Crowley as much as I do. I really don't want my OTP to break up.

Need Castiel icon...
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