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Shit My Dad Days is funny. I thought it was crap at first, the first episode was definitely crap, but it improves so much. Sometimes it has me in hysterics. Though, it's not as good as Boston Legal. Denny Crane was William Shatner's ultimate role. I should watch my DVD of that again sometime.

I ordered the book of A Game of Thrones, might as well give it a go.


Castiel, what the hell?

Okay, seen episode 20, and it was good.

Of course, it was all about Castiel, and since I love Castiel it was bound to be good. But seriously, what the hell?

I love the going back to the start of the season thing. I'm a little unclear still on why Cas pulled Sam out of the cage, but I'm obviously glad he did. Crowley is so much tricking him. I mean, Cas may benefit from what he's doing, but Crowley's going to get more out of it than him. And he was right when he said what he was doing made him the new Lucifer. Scary stuff.

Also scary is him watching Dean and Sam and not being visible to them. Them praying to him and him just standing there watching and deciding not to answer. Makes you wonder how many times before he's been doing the same thing. That was an obvious mistake though, quoting Bobby's words back at him, makes you wonder whether it was deliberate, or subconsciously deliberate. Wow though, the look of betrayal on Dean's face. He was loyal to him when Sam and Bobby suspected the truth, and then to find out that Cas, who he says he thinks of as a brother, is working with Crowley... It's all over. Dean/Castiel is broken. How are they going to fix this? Because they'd better fix it.

Thing is though, I agree with Castiel about needing to do this. I mean, yeah Crowley's getting a lo out of it, but if he;d said no, then what? Apocalypse, the thing they already prevented once. He had to fight Raphael, and he wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Or maybe he would, but I doubt it. But what he should have done is, when Dean knew everything and was still giving him the chance to back out and do the right thing, he should have given it a go, let Dean help if he could. Even if he couldn't, it might have fixed what he's broken. Not totally, but somewhat.

I do love Crowley though. He's so good at being evil. And when he described him and Cas as the "new God and Devil" or however he phrased it, that was awesome.

Need more! I want the next episode immediately. I've left it late watching this one though, so it should be along soonish. Not even sure when, stopped keeping track of it.

Please fix Deal/Cas though. Pleasepleaseplease!
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