prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I'm still around, everyone.

I feel like I've dropped out of the Lost Boys fandom the last few days, I've got fic to read, reviews to post, responses to reviews to write, and I will do it, I promise. I'm not ignoring you.

I have an excuse. Not a particularly good one, but an excuse nonetheless. A temporary holiday in the Thor fandom. Weird, right? I mean, I don't know Thor at all, and although I liked the film enough, I don't know why it has hijacked my brain in this way. Obsessions are weird. Actually, it's more an obsession with Loki than with the character or the universe of Thor. He's awesome, the best thing about that film, the most interesting character by far, and reading about him online, finding out about the comics, and the hints about him I'm seeing in fic, it all just makes me want more. I'm considering getting some comics, but I probably won't, so instead I'm reading fic, and writing it too. And I can't make myself stop!

But give me a couple of days to finish up my fic for the meme I'm taking part in, and I'll be back in the Lost Boys fandom and working on the Enemy. I promise!
Tags: fanfic, loki, lost boys, thor
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