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I went to see Thor again yesterday. Not (exactly) my choice, my friend wanted to go the cinema and that was the only thing we could agree on to see. He'd probably have seen PotC, but he has somehow managed not to have seen all the other ones and we weren't sure how relevant they would be. Probably not at all, actually, but I'm going to see that with my dad next week anyway.

Having fallen into the fandom a little since I last saw it, and knowing more about the characters, Thor is actually better now than the first time. My friend disagrees about the awesomeness of Loki though, as apparently Thor is better looking and Loki is "creepy". Whatever.

I had completely forgotten until last night that the Supernatural season finale had been on, so I watched it, both episodes, this morning.

Oh Castiel, what the hell? That's it now, isn't it? it really is all over for Dean and Cas. Dean gave him the opportunity to defuse all the power and go back to how things used to be, and he refused. He's gone mad with power. Who else thinks the new Big Bad is going to be everyone's favourite angel God?

This worries me, because I love Castiel, and I love Sam and Dean, and I don't think I could handle a season where they are on opposing sides. It's been hard enough toward the end of this season, I've been hoping and hoping that Cas will redeem himself, show that he wasn't really with Crowley at all, and then when he finally double crossed him, I thought "This is it!" but no, not quite.

Eh, that storyline with Sam inside his own head, collecting the parts of him together, including his memories of Hell... I dunno, I found that spectacularly unimpressive. It's always like that when you know something isn't really happening. The most interesting part about that was Cas again. Further proof that he'd gone off the deep end, when he was cruel enough to remove the block in Sam's mind separating him from his memories of Hell, all to threaten Dean into keeping back. Gods, this is not the same character we met all those seasons ago, the goofy angel, protector of Dean and Sam. This is someone else entirely. He's not even the same character he was at the start of this season.

So, I can't wait for the next season, but I'm a little scared of it too. I can't help but hope that the real God comes back and kicks Castiel's ass, teaches him a lesson. Maybe takes away all his power and sends him to Earth where he has to go crawling to Dean for help, and Dean's all "Ha! Serves you right!" but Cas is so pathetic that he can't help but help him out. Yes please!

*Goes hunting for fic...*
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