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My entries to norsekink round one.

Request: Loki is temporarily blinded somehow while playing a trick on Thor and his friends. He becomes convinced that they want revenge on him while he's helpless, and when Thor realizes this he promises to defend him. (Maybe he even has the others fake wanting revenge to make Loki more clingy...)
Fill: Paranoia (WIP)

Request: Loki gets pulled up from the bridge by Thor, his punishment is to be depowered and - horror of horror's for Loki, made unable to speak. Loki has trouble adjusting, Thor is not amused and Odin thinks it's all for the best.
Fill: Hush

Request: There have been quite a few prompts with Loki getting his mouth sewn shut. I want one where it happens in front of the court of Asgard... and Thor has to do the sewing. Just to make it hurt more. Bonus points for Thor initially not wanting to do it, but eventually deciding that better him than someone who'll just try and hurt Loki as much as they can.
Fill: Sealed
Sequel: Recovery

Request: Wee!Loki being scared of storms-- rain, hail, dark skies, thunder and lightning, all that nonsense. Wee!Thor plays big brother and tries to cheer him up.
Fill:Not Afraid
Tags: fanfic, my fic, thor
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