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I dragged my comic book collection out this afternoon. I'd forgotten how many I have. Enough to stock a small comic shop, if it was one that only sold Marvel, and pretty much exclusively X-Men back issues. I'm considering getting caught up and starting reading them again. It's been about four years. I stopped around the time I started working at the bank, becuase I wasn't in town any more and getting to the comic shop was inconvenient. I'd put it off, and plan to go next week, then next week it;d be raining or something, so I'd wait til next weekend, and so on. In the end I realised I was way behind and catching up felt like too much hard work. Wish I;d done it then rather than now! Oh well.

So, Silver Acre has most of the issues I'm missing. I'm just not sure how things have developed title-wise in the past four years, there's forever new ones coming out, old ones stopping. I think I'll start off with Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, get up to date on those, and then look at what else is around. I was reading New X-Men, not sure if that's still going. And a few other titles that I picked up now and then, mostly just for crossovers...

I'm going to have to do it a few at a time, don't think I can afford to get them all at once!

My dad's going on about selling his collection again. He's got years-worth of Superman issues, he read them all through my childhood. Also Batman, Spawn and Powers. He's asked me to contact Silver Acre to see if they want to buy them. Seems almost sacrilegious to sell comics. You're supposed to buy them, read them and then hoard them! But I suppose if no one ever sold theirs, then I wouldn't be able to catch up
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