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Thundercats Hoooooooo!

Well, that's my week off nearly over. How depressing.

I've had a pretty good time though. Done very little. Sat in the sun, finished the new Dresden Files book (it's good, but that goes without saying!) finally tidied my room (a bit) and that's about it.

Talking of TV, the new Thundercats is awesome. It's not on yet over here, but it shouldn't be too long. I couldn't wait though, so I didn't. I've not downloaded a series for years, not since I started watching online instead, but I needed to posses this. Especially since my friend tells me it;s going to be on Cartoon Network, which has a reputation for showing things out of order, or just repeating the same episode over and over, and doesn't let you series link. I don't know if that's true, but I figure it's better to be sure I've got them that risk having to wait who knows how long for the DVDs to catch up.

It's different from the original series, but in a good way. Thundera is no longer another planet, but a city on Third Earth. Lion-o and Tygra are brothers, but Lion-O is in line for the throne. Though that was a bit weird, becuase I'm sure at one point Tygra calls him 'little brother' so either I misheard, things work differently in Cat society, or they aren't really brothers. Snarf doesn't talk any more. We still have the main bad guys, Mum-Ra, Slythe etc and. There's this odd thing about technology not existing to the Cats. It's mentioned in the Book of Omens, along with legends about Mum-Ra, but Thunderian society considered it a myth. Lion-O believes in it, and then it is used in the assault on Thundera.

Oh! Lion-O does "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats...Hoooooooooo!" It is awesome. Mum-Ra tries to do his "Ancient spirits of evil..." thing, but then gets stopped by the sunrise. It was quite funny, which was a shame really, becuase it undermined his evilness a bit.

I'm really excited about this though. I'm going to watch the next episode now. Expect more rambling soon!
Tags: real life, thundercats
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