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Supernatural season 7!

I'm writing this directly after watching the new episode, so don't expect it to be very coherent or well thought out...

That episode was so cruel. For a second, maybe two, I thought that everything had been fixed. Castiel was back to his old self, promising to make up for everything he had done, he and Dean were on the same side again, and everything was going to be okay. Then suddenly, Leviathan attack! A momentary struggle and then something else is in control of Castiel's vessel.

Well, Castiel did a decent job of cleaning up the world while he was playing God, if you ask me; getting rid of all the people spreading hate in his name, healing the sick, giving sight of the blind, all good stuff if you ask me. He did go a bit far though, obviously but at the start it didn't look so bad.

My primary concern after seeing the season six finale was that season seven would see Castiel and the Winchesters on opposing sides, and I'm actually kind of glad that that isn't going to happen. I mean, Castiel's vessel and it;s new occupants look like they're going to be the bad guy, at least for the start of the season, but as Castiel isn't in control, it's not his fault. They can save him, kick the Leviathans back to Purgatory and carry on as normal. No, not as normal, because Castiel might not have been himself when he went around murdering a bunch of people, but the things he did during season six was really him, and although Dean would obviously be relieved to see the murder rampage over and Cas back to himself, sooner or later if things had been sorted properly at the end of this episode, Dean would have remembered what Cas had done, and wouldn't just forgive him so easily. I assume.

But anyway, Cas might have lost the battle for control, but he must still be in there, and I bet they'll find a way to save him. Or else they'll be faced with a major dilemma, like they can kill the Leviathans, but only if they kill Cas too, or something like that. Still, Cas isn't the bad guy, so I'm happy. On the other hand, Cas isn't around, so I'm not going to be 100% happy til he gets saved.

Leviathans, as far as I knew up til now, were the sentient spaceships in Farscape, like Moya. So I googled the word, and according to Wikipedia, they are sea monsters referred to in the bible. That doesn't really make sense with what we saw in this episode, but I guess that a lot of the religion stuff probably isn't spot on, I wouldn't know.

I'm a bit worried about what Sam was up to while Dean and Bobby were trying to save Cas. The vision of Lucifer with his possibly convincing story about Sam still being in Hell could have talked him into anything, and Dean was right when he said whatever it was about them never catching a break.

Well, only time will tell what happens, I guess. So I;m going to shut up now and wait (im)patiently for the next episode.
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