prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Atlantis DVD!

The post just came, and MY ATLANTIS DVD IS HERE!

Yeah, it comes out today, so it's not like it's that surprising, but I didn't think it would get here. I forgot to order it until Thursday, it shipped on Friday and for a few seconds I thought I would get it today, until I read the part of the e-mail that said 'allow 3-5 days for delivery.' Assuming you can't count Sunday, that only gave it two days. But yay! It's here. I've not seen Rising for ages. The others I saw more recently, but this is very cool. So much for doing stuff today, I'm going to have to watch Atlantis all day. Four eps of that, and hopefully by that time my Traders download from perian will be done, and I'll have to watch that too, of course.

But then I'm doing something more constructive.

Tags: sga, traders
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