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Too much TV again

I've been very good. I only watched three of the Atlantis episodes on the DVD. Rising (1+2, but they're joined together) and Hide and Seek. And Hide and Seek I watched in German. Which was pretty bizarre, because Sheppard and Beckett's voices are just wrong. McKay, Weir, Teyla and Ford (though he didn't have many lines so I didn't really notice) all seemed to sound the same. Well, except that the were speaking German, obviously. But Sheppard and Beckett's voices seemed too deep. I guess if I hadn't heard it in English I wouldn't notice, but it really bugged me! Oh well, not like I was planning on doing a lot of watching it in German anyway!
I'd forgotten how good Rising was. Or maybe I never realised in the first place. I rarely enjoy first episodes because I don't know the characters yet. Anyway, either way, I enjoyed it this time! Not many extras on the disk though, unfortunately. But there is a ten minute behind the scenes type thing that is pretty hilarious!

Those watched, I then wrote perian's latest Traders ep onto a disk and watched that. (I said I'd do something constructive. That counts, right? Making a VCD?) A very DH light ep, but pretty cool anyway. I'm not going to ramble about it tonight though, because to be honest I was half asleep when I watched it, I'm half asleep now, and I doubt I'd make any sense! Tomorrow though, expect some rambling! (fair warning?)

One thing though. Jack moved in with Grant and Donald. Now, midway through the first season, I was seeing some slash potential between Jack and Donald, (like maybe in the ep Rumours?) but I ignored it because I was too busy watching Grant. I don't know for how long, but now we've got all three of them living together, I wonder if... No. Better not.
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