prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Busy day tomorrow. I'm having a fish pedicure in the morning. Me and my brother. I'm not sure I like the idea, to be honest. Fish kinda creep me out, and I'm not sure I want a load of them eating my feet! My mum and sister went last week and they liked it, but still, ick. I'm considering not going. Yes, I am a massive wimp.

Then later on, we're all going to some tapas bar on Newland Ave. My mum bought a load of random crap on Groupon last year, and now it's all about to expire unused, so she's using it up. It's going to be a bit of an odd day.

I also need to go in town, get comics and stuff from Boots, meet my friend for coffee, and write something, becuase I really really want to get the next chapter of No Return out this weekend. Once that's done, I can concentrate on another story that's itching to be written, but now I've started this one again, I can't abandon it for a second time.

I'm having a lot of trouble writing at the moment though. I have loads of ideas, and for some reason they won't translate themselves onto my computer screen. I read some of my LB fic last night, and it's just so much better than what I'm doing at the moment. Maybe I'm out of practise, or maybe it's because the story I'm writing is a sequel.

Meh, who knows? I guess I'll just have to see what happens if I keep writing.
Tags: fanfic, real life
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