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According to the world in general, Corey Feldman got kicked off Dancing on Ice last night. By all accounts, he wasn't that great though, so I suppose it was going to happen eventually, but it's a shame. I'm still writing Edgar Frog ice skating though. In fact, it's nearly done. But I have my French class tomorrow night, so it may not be posted til Wednesday. And it's very silly.

In other news, I did finally get to sleep last night, at around 2am but without alcoholic assistance, so that's good. Ish.

So I spent the day in this half awake zombie state where I'm actually not sure of half of what I said or did, but I do know that I didn't get much work done. Then, I got home and was wide awake. I still am now. So I'm not sure whether I should go to bed and hope for the best, or stay up and try to exhaust myself a bit.

I'm inclined to try sleeping. Wish me luck!
Tags: corey feldman, real life
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