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Okay, the light has gone back to normal. Shame really, it looked kinda nice. Now though, there's nothing interesting to look at out the window, and my sister is taking up the other room, where I was planning on going and watching Traders, so I'm stuck! Damnit! I've just put the latest ep on a disk and I wanted to watch it on the TV! I guess I'll have to wait till later.

Anyway, I was going to ramble on about Traders today, but since I've got another episode to watch, I'll wait while after. I did a bit more of my story last night though. The one set before the series. but now I'm stuck! I hate when that happens! Maybe I should leave it a bit and make a start on the other one I got an idea for. On the other hand, that idea might be best killed and forgotten about! And of the subject of fanfic, I should really finish those two Atlantis ones I haven't looked at for months!

And now it's nearly dark. I miss the orangeness!

If this post seems completely random, it's because I have nothing better to do and am just typing random stuff as I think of it!
Tags: fanfic, traders
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