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Being Human season 4

Well, that was... different.

I knew Mitchell was dead, of course, we saw it happen at the end of the last series, but Nina! George!

Wow, they've really changed things. I mean, I like it, it's interesting, but on the other hand they've killed off two of the three main characters, and replaced them, it looks like, with the werewolf kid, and some random vampire from another v/w/g trinity who's about to lose his other two. So I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I mean, werewolf kid is okay, but he's not George, is he? Not even a little bit. I feel a bit let down really. I guess some people already knew it was going to happen, but I keep clear of the spoilers.

The stuff in the future is certainly interesting, but seriously, what the hell? The girl is George's daughter, I assume. But, was she? And why was she happily letting the random werewolf dude murder her, and then saying she was going to kill the baby? What baby? Because the only one we've seen is George's baby, and I was working on the assumption that that was her. Maybe the vampires have a baby too, like an antichrist version of her. Or something. But why would being dead help her with that? Or maybe she's not George's daughter and she's going back, Terminator style, to kill the leader of the resistance! No, probably not...

Whatever's going on, it's all very odd and not at all what I was expecting, but on the other hand I don't actually know what I was expecting, I hadn't really thought about it, and this was all very very good, so I'm excited to see what's going to happen next.

But I do think that losing two (three, really, Nina does count) main characters so quickly is going to be a bit of a blow, and they really need to do something spectacular with this season to keep people interested.

Also, the Vampire Recorder was great. I hope we see him again, becuase he is my new favourite character. Seriously, that scene in the room where they were looking at the scroll made of human skin, and on the wall behind them there were all those hieroglyph thingys that looked like smilies! And that fake killing the baby ritual! Oh my god he was awesome, tea towel on his head and everything!

Random thought just occurred. Future Eve may have learned something from the piece of the scroll that she just acquired, that told her she was meant to die as a baby to defeat the vampires by something something. Could be. Suicide by literally murdering yourself...

I guess I have to wait and see...
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