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Small Traders ramble

I love Traders more every episode I see.

Okay, in this latest ep I really enjoyed seeing Adam get slime (or whatever it was) thrown at him! I really don't like that guy! Are you meant to not like him? I actually can't tell, which is odd. I don't, anyway. But the show would be less good without him. Unless they made some pretty major changes, like getting rid of everyone but, say... Grant, Donald, Jack, Marty... and a couple of random Traders because Marty wouldn't be as funny otherwise. And then concentrated purely on comedy. And sex. Yeah, maybe not. It probably wouldn't work as well anyway!

Anyway, Grant was adorable, as always! Marty made me laugh a few times, like with that funny face thing, I don't get what's going on with that woman (Ann, is it?) but Grant seems to like her, so it's all good. And that scene in the bar with Grant downing all the drinks she’d bought, that was too funny!
In the last episode, Adam seemed to be being all creepy and sneaking around trying to keep Donald out of stuff, getting Donald paranoid that new boy (whose name I can't remember, the one who was in Jack's office) is going to be given his job. No sign of that this week, unless there was and I missed it. What's with new guy anyway? I haven't decided whether I like him yet or not.

I'm also not sure whether I feel sorry for Jack. A few times I definitely do, but then he goes around acting like an arse and I don't. But then he's only acting like an arse because of all the shit that's happened to him... and we have a vicious circle. He's staying in charge of the airline now though, (does he leave in this season?) so does that mean he'll stick around for a while? I hope so, I still haven't completely abandoned my idea of having a bit of fun imagining what Grant, Donald and Jack will get up to while living together.

I am so tired I have no idea what I have just written! I should really stop watching episodes in the middle of the night and then writing about them when I know I'm not even going to make sense to myself. Sorry! Maybe I will make sense in the morning. Myabe I should watch an episode in the morning...
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