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What a crap day! I oversleep, (because I stayed up until 4am online), come downstairs in my dressing gown to find that my mum has the webcam on, so her friend in Australia sees me! And then my mum starts laughing and looks at me (now hidden out of range of the camera!), so I know he's probably said something about me.

Then the post comes and I find out that I owe £6 something to the company that delivers the DVDs I ordered. Which sucks, because it was ages ago, and I thought I'd got away with it. So now I've got to go all the way in town to pay that. And it says "Payment required immediately" so my mum said I can't wait until Wednesday when I was going anyway. I think I can though, it's not like they're going to add money because they had to wait a few days. Is it?

Then I go and hang out in my room, still can't think of anything to write, so I get annoyed, give up and come down to get my dinner. My mum is still on the computer (this is hours later, by the way) and goes "Oh, you're not having your dinner already, are you?!) I point out that it's half past one, and she tells me I've only just had my breakfast.

Then later, she tells me I can ring up and pay the money. I say no. I don't like using the phone. (I don't know why, it's just one of those weird things, having to ring someone up makes me all nervous and anxious, so I avoid it unless it's absolutely necessary) So I tell her I'd rather not, and she starts shouting at me about what an idiot I am. This carried of for at least ten minutes, and mutated into a "You should get out of the house" rant, which I'm not sure if she means I should go out more, or find my own place. I can't really do either until I get a job though. And I don't really want to be going out anyway.

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