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My old secondary school had an open day today for ex-pupils and staff to have a look around before they knock the place down and move into the very posh and awesome looking place they've built behind it.

Nostalgia all round (though not the kind that kidded me into thinking I actually enjoyed my time there!) as me, my brother and sister went along for the tour of the old building and the new sports area, which I have to say is so much better than the old gym. The new main building isn't open yet, but when it is, they're hoping to do another tour of that which I might go to, but if the new 'Active zone' is any indication, it's going to be amazing. They have a dance studio with mirrors on the walls, and an actual gym with treadmills and weights in it.

But the best part, and the reason we all went, was for the look around the old building. It hadn't changed very much at all in the 14 years since I was wast there. There is new artwork on the walls, and the vending machines full of chocolate have gone, victims, no doubt, of Jamie Oliver's campaign for decent school food. We were taken on a walk around, starting in the drama room, (my favourite subject) which had barely changed except there were some desks in there now. We had chairs, but the subject involved no writing at all then, just acting and messing around, so we didn't need desks.

The weird moment of the day was when we went up to the computer room, and the lady said that the "more elderly" students would remember it as the library. Silence reigned for a few moments before my 28 year old brother informed her it had been a library when he was there. She apparently thought the library had been gotten rid of back in the 60s! They don't have a library at the moment, which I think is pretty weird, but apparently they're going to have one in the new building.

I was glad to see that the 'cabinet of horrible things' had been removed. That was a display cabinet outside one of the science rooms filled with things preserved in formaldehyde. Ick. Mostly, everything else that was still there was exactly the same. My old form room is gone already, it was a prefab outside the gym. The playground has been built over; when the old building goes, I assume they'll use that space.

Outside my old science room

Me and my niece Poppy in the corridor

Sitting on the desk. Tisk tisk!

Me, my sister and Poppy at the bottom of the stairs
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