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It occurs to me that I spend most of my waking life staring at one screen or another. The first thing I do when I wake up is pick up my phone, check my e-mail and facebook, and the news. This is before I even get out of bed. Then I go to word and stare at a computer screen for seven hours. When I get home, I have me tea while watching either the news if my mum is in, or some random TV show if it's just my dad. Then I go upstairs and go on the internet for a while before coming down and watching more TV til I go to bed. Though, I do have breaks in between the screen staring, like driving to and from work, my lunch break, walking the dog, but it's still a lot of screen staring. No wonder I get headaches.

Holiday soon though, seven days in Croatia. That should drag me away from my laptop and the TV for a while.
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