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I have had a great day today! It's weird, I got about way too little sleep last night, got up the instant the alarm went off and spent half the day tidying my room (which now actually looks like a room, as opposed to a rubbish tip). I am really tired, to the point where I fell asleep this afternoon, and I never sleep during the day, I haven't done anything especially great, I have had a totally average day. Even a slightly less good than average day, but I'm happy. What's with that?

I've got a few theories. First, it's all warm and sunny. I even saw someone outside in shorts earlier (but I don't think it's anywhere near that warm myself!) and for some reason sun makes you happy. There's probably some sort of scientific explanation for that, I think I’ll find out, but for now I'll just think it's because there's something great about going outside in jeans and a t-shirt and not being cold when last week you were shivering through your thickest coat. I so want to live somewhere with better weather!

Then, there's the fact that I had a good dream last night. I've probably got lil_banik_slave to thank for that, because she put the idea of having a dream about David Hewlett in my mind. So I did! Well, okay, so it was a dream about Grant Jansky, and for some reason we were running around Scarborough (no idea why there!) looking for something he'd lost. I didn't know what it was, and I didn't want to ask in case he decided I was useless and left, so... odd dream. But cool, in a way! :-D

And finally, I'd left the computer downloading another of perian's Traders episodes last night, so I knew I had that to watch, and when I did watch it, it was great! I just love eps where Grant is important to the plot in some way, instead of just being there while it's happening.

So, sun + good dream + new Traders ep = happy Catherine. I hope that all happens together again soon!

It probably didn't hurt that no one else was in all day, either.
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