prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Two near misses while driving today.

I like to think I'm a pretty safe driver, I mean, I've only even had one accident and it was the fault of the other person, who pulled out of a side road without bothering to check if there was anyone in the way. Today, I nearly had two more.

They weren't my fault either, by the way. The first one was while I was driving to work, just going along Hedon Road, there was a taxi in the other lane and suddenly it just started drifting in toward me. Not indicating or anything, so either it didn't mean to or he was moving in without indicating. Trouble way, it was right next to me and if it continued it was going to hit me. So I braked and started thumping the horn in panic mode. He pulled out and drove off. I wonder if he fell asleep or something.

Then on the way home, I was going around a roundabout when someone decided to enter from another road, straight into my car. Again, breaks and beeping. I've used the car horn about four times in the years I've been driving, two of them were today. Roundabout guy had the audacity to scowl at me like I'd done something wrong.

So I was pretty shaken up. I kind of hate driving. I wish I didn't have to do it. But this is why I don't cycle. Can you imagine what you'd do on a bike in either of those situations?! Scary stuff.
Tags: real life
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