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I'm all alone...

Where has everyone been today? Seriously, I'm starting to think everyone had abandoned the internet! No one I normally talk to has been online, and I have got exactly two e-mails, both from a mailing list I'm not really that interested in, talking to someone else. No one has been around in most of my favourite forums, and although there have been people on the scifi boards, they are going annoyingly slowly again.

Oh well. You know I said I'd be in bed before 2 yesterday? Well, it was closer to 6. So I slept all morning, then spent the afternoon watching Teachers. I had forgotten how good the other series were. They really ruined it with series 4. I should sort out my site, it could do with an overhaul. Would give me something to do when no one is online to talk to, anyway!

Random fact: My mum left a box of After Eights near the computer, and I ate a few. Then a few more, and then...well, the box is nearly empty! No, I didn't eat *all* of them, it was over three quarters empty already, but still. I think she's going to notice!
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