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I just got in from a night babysitting my niece. It was a practise shift ready for when my mum's on holiday (she and my dad are going to Hawaii - so unfair!) and I have to do it. Poppy is hilarious. As a delaying tactic so she didn't have to get in the bath, she went through my entire bag, investigated each and every thing, demanded I open my purse so she could count my money, then declared that all the coins were going in her money box. Then she opened my eyeshadow and applied it to her cheeks. And to mine. It's purple and shiny, we looked a bit weird. But she went to bed more easily than I expected, once I'd figured out how to put a nappy on (yeah, I'm genuinely that useless).

I took my computer with me, Hoping to write a bit. I have this idea for a Grimm fic, very silly, where Monroe kind of thinks of Nick as a pet. But I was tired and headachy, so I just watched my Grimm DVDs all night. Got through five episodes, including one I'd missed and one that I must have either not being paying attention too or I fell asleep during, because I only remembered about 25% of it. That or I was drunk the first time. Entirely possible.

Talking of, is it me or does Monroe drink an awful lot? I mean, not for a normal person but for someone in an American prime time show. I think every episode he's offering Nick beer or wine or even eggnog. Or just sitting around drinking at home. It's pretty cool really. Makes him seem more normal, somehow.

I feel a bit bad for jumping fandoms. I really do intend to write more Lost Boys fics, but this Grimm think kind of snuck up in me unexpectedly. But it's nice to have inspiration to write again, because no matter how much I said I wanted to, I found that nothing I wrote for LB worked out, not for months. Maybe a holiday in another fandom will wake the muse up.

Anyway, off work now for two weeks now, which is awesome, as long as my brother stays more or less sane. Fingers crossed.

Tags: fanfic, grimm, lost boys, real life, via ljapp
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