prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,


I got woken up two hours earlier than I wanted this morning. My mum and my sister were talking loudly outside my bedroom! I pretended to be mad at them, but actually, being woken up like that is much better than the dreaded sound of the alarm clock! And I'm not tired, so maybe I don't need as much sleep as I thought...

But then I got told I've got to go down to Hoddesdon with my dad and sister next week to see my Nana and Granddad. Which means no internet and constantly having to be careful I don't do something awful like Shock! Horror! putting my feet up on the sofa or reading when there's someone in the room! (That's not rude, is it?) Still, maybe we'll get to go to London for a day. Jennie was going on about to the Natural History Museum the other week. Not been since I was about eight, so it might be okay. If we do. And there's Forbidden Planet in London too... And since my mum's not going, we won't have to wonder around boring clothes shops (and do I sound like I'm still eight when I say things like that?!)
Tags: real life
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