prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Well, Eurovision wasn't as terrible as I thought. Actually, that's not true, it was awful, but I had a good time. Beer and two for one Domino's Pizza will have that effect. Greece should have won though. The Danish entry was catchy enough, but there was nothing unique about it, not like five guys singing in Greek about sailing on an ocean of whiskey before breaking into a chorus of "Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free," it was one of two truly awesome things I have seen on Eurovision, the other being a few years ago when one country thought that chanting "We are the winners of Eurovision" would get them the top spot. It didn't, unfortunately. I think that might have been the year Lordi won, but I might be wrong.

The UK failed miserably, of course. The only reason they scraped the points they did was becuase a few countries had heard of Bonnie Tyler. The song was very meh.

Greece should have won.
Tags: real life
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