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Grimm 2.22

I'm so glad I'm off work this week, not being would have meant staying off of all my usual sites all day until I could watch it this evening. But luckily, I'm free to slob about and watch TV online while eating cold pizza and drinking as much caffeine as I can to counteract the effects of the terrible night's sleep I had last night. Seriously, I was still awake at 3am this morning, and then I woke up at 8.30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Rubbish. But anyway...

Firstly, could Monroe and Rosalee possibly be any more cute?

Secondly, aaaaaagh! To be continued! I hate you! Though the 'come on, you knew it was coming' message afterwards was pretty amusing. But how is this going to finish? They're shipping an unconscious Nick off to god knows where, and wherever it is, they're unlikely to be planning on curing him there, but Rosalee and Monroe who have the antidote won;t have any idea where he is or how to find him, and being a zombie he won;t have any way of getting in touch. Unless of course, the zombie thing is just a storage method and when he arrives at his destination they're going to fix him, after all, a Grimm is pretty valuable, it'd be a waste to just have him running around attacking random people. Or maybe the captain will get involved somehow, he's the only link between the royals and team Grimm, after all. Most likely it;ll be something completely unexpected.

Now, Juliette is kind of bugging me. She's never been my favourite character, and I guess I've just gotten so used to the whole Nick living with Monroe situation that her asking if he wanted to move back in annoyed me! Plus, she so much better not spend season three insisting on following Nick around and asking dumb questions (once he's back, I mean), because that was a bit weird, and also what the hell was Nick (and the others for that matter) thinking? "Oh yeah, sure you can come along to the zombie-infested shipping yard in the middle of the night, Juliette. What's that? You don't really understand anything about Wesen and you have no combat experience? Ah, it'll be fine. I mean, you know about injections after all." Sigh. I think in his effort to include her, he may have gone a bit too far.

Hmm, Rosalee still has a secret compartment full of passports and cash. I wonder if if it's left over from her brother or if she's got has a bunch of false documents for herself too. I wonder if it's significant? Like she's gone and gotten herself involved in the resistance or other things that she hasn't told Monroe about? Please don't let whatever it might be lead to problems between them! It's rare that I ever get behind a het couple, especially when the slash alternative is so awesome, but just this once it's happened. I'm probably reading too much into it.

Want next season NOW!!!
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