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Nook suck

Back at the start of the week, when I bought four books for my Nook in the 99p sale, I was pretty annoyed when the Nook wouldn't open them, claiming they were incompatible. I tried everything, Messaged their twitter account for help and got no response for 24 hours. Eventually, I tried their chat help. I spoke to someone who told me that all four books were incompatible with my Nook, despite it saying on the website that they were. Sounded pretty odd, but I figured he must be right since he works for them. He offered me a refund. I was pretty pissed off, since the books had been so cheap, but I accepted. Then I found out my mum had gotten one of the same books on her Nook (same as mine). Pretty annoyed, I went back on the chat and requested the whole thing be fixed. The guy I got that time seemed to know more about what he was talking about, but since guy 1 had refunded the books already, he couldn't undo that. Instead, he said if I bought the books again, he'd authorise a refund, the put me back in the same financial position I should be. Unfortunately, he said I needed to wait 24 hours, then buy the books and them them via chat or e-mail.


So, I got the books 24 or so hours later. Then I tried to log onto chat, and received a message saying it was out of hours and to come back between 8am and 9pm. Which was odd since it was 4.45 pm. Pretty irritated, I asked their useless twitter account what was going on, and predictably received no response.

So finally, I sent an e-mail, detailing the problem, requesting me refund and attaching both a transcript of the conversation the the customer service guy and a screepcap of the part where he sad he was authorising the refund, because they didn;t exactly have me brimming over with confidence at that point. I also requested a response so I know someone was dealing with the problem. I've heard nothing. I know the customer service people work Saturdays though, Chat is open and the useless twitter account have posted a few things (no responses to me yet though!) so I can only assume I'm being ignored.

The point of this story is, if you're looking to buy an e-reader, don't get a Nook. They might be fairly cheap for the basic model, but they treat you like crap. I'm thinking about getting me a Kindle instead.
Tags: books, real life
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